Dry Nail Polish Fast! 5 Simple Easy Nail Ideas

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Enhance Your Nail Ideas

As much as I LOVE creating new nail art designs and experimenting with different nail ideas and techniques on nails, it’s also a tedious affair when you’re having to wait for each layer to dry and to dry nail polish fast can become a waiting game. Most nail designs need a couple of layers as a base colour coat so  this means more time for drying. I always make sure to paint my nails a few hours before going to bed to avoid blanket imprints, but this does still happen on occasion.

Generally a thin layer of nail polish will dry in 2 minutes, having added a layer after that will normally take 4-5 minutes. If you’re adding a few layers especially glitters and blobs to create an embossed effect on your nail art designs, it leaves you with almost half hour having to wait for your polish to set after applying your top coat.

Here are some great easy ways to promote quick drying of each layer of your nail polish:

1. Dry Nail Polish Fast with a Hair Dryer on Cool Air

Your hair dryer is a great way to dry your nails quickly. Make sure that you have your settings on cold as the heat can delay the drying process. Also make sure that you don’t hold the hair dryer to close to your hands as it may cause your nail polish to ripple or bubble whilst still wet.

2. Dry Nail Polish Fast with Icy Cool Water

Pour a handful of ice into a bowl and pour some cold water into it. Allow the bowl to sit for a minute making the water icy cold. Gently dip your polished nails into the icy cold water. The icy cold water will allow your nail polish to set fast.

3. Use a Drip Dry Product

There are many Nail dry products out on the markets. They work so well because they contain solvents that evaporate fast and as they evaporate, they take the liquids from the nail polish, leaving you with dry nails.

OPI’s Drip Dry is my personal favourite. This product is amazing. A couple of drops really does speed the process of drying up and does make the polish dry to the touch after a few minutes. I really like this product because I like that I can still use my hands to do stuff after painting and not really have to worry about smudging or denting my polish. It also leaves my polish really shiny. I have noticed that if I put more than one or two drops per nail, it will leave little bubbles. Also the little bubbles appear when I apply multiple coats of polish.

4. Oil Cooking Spray

Yes! That’s right! Grab that cooking oil out of the kitchen cupboard and start trying it out on your nails. Make sure that you lay out a paper towel  underneath your hand layed flat palms down so that you don’t make a mess. Not only with this trick help you dry your nails fast, it will also help you moisturise your cuticles and  hands, so make sure that after you’ve sprayed your nails, you massage the oil gently into your cuticles and skin. Don’t forget to wash your hands with warm water to remove excess oil.

5. Fast Drying Top Coat

The most common way of getting your manicure dry fast is using a fast drying top coat which can be bought at your local chemist or beauty outlet. My favourite is Bio-Sculpture’s Top Coat Polish.

There you go. Some fun and unique ways to helping you get out the door quicker by drying your nail polish fast after a solid colour manicure or a nail art design.


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